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An Ode to I29 Construction August 6, 2010

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Dear North Dakota DOT,

I understand, what with the absurdly cold winters here in Fargo, ND, that you must repair our streets and highways during the two weeks of summer we actually have decent weather. I appreciate this – really, I do. So does my car.

What I do not appreciate is the fact that my entire 6 mile trip to work on the usual three lanes of I29 has been reduced to two lanes with yielding merges and a speed limit of 35 miles per hour.

Now, if you were in fact working on at least 60% of this valuable blocked lane, I would be a bit more sympathetic and forgiving of your blatant disregard for my commute and short temper. HOWEVER! Throughout this entire 6 miles you have blocked, you only have your orange vest wearing workers actually doing work in a 10 yard section right off of US10’s exit. And they’ve been drilling in the same god damn spot ALL WEEK!

In other words they’ve made NO PROGRESS in the 0.0009% of the highway they are working on. And my commute is still twice as long and I still have to count to ten before I get out of my car at work.

I don’t know what fuckstick you have working in your planning division, but they seriously need to be whacked with a baseball bat. I’m sure you have someone sitting around that could do it while they’re NOT working on I29.

So seriously, please open that third lane back up and convert the merging lanes back to normal. Drivers out here are seriously far too incompetent to know what a YIELD sign means or how to drive 35 mph without riding their brakes – it could be that they have no idea how to read the signs, but I digress.

If you can’t do so, then start tearing shit up on that side of the road so there’s a reason for those effing orange buckets and my newly developed ulcers.

Much obliged,



Why working in athletics sucks sometimes… June 15, 2010

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I had originally wanted to write this for Femme Writes, but I am obviously a whole ten days behind the deadline. However, something happened this past week that I have to address.

I’m a sports nut.

I have a box with a football, softballs, glove, volleyball, basketball, soccer ball, hand pump, and softball bat in my trunk – just in case.

I refuse to make plans on Sundays during football season because, duh! The game is on!

The Actual actually has issues watching sporting events with me because I get so worked up (“What the hell was that?! My dog could have caught that goddamn football!” “Who in their right mind would swing at that shit?! Worthless!”).

I also happen to be lucky enough to work in the same area I am so passionate about – athletics. And although the role of women in athletics (especially collegiate athletics) has continually increased over the past several decades, my particular field (equipment) is severely lacking in the double X chromosome department.

I was in Tennessee last week for a conference where I was one of maybe about a couple dozen women in a sea of over 500 athletic equipment managers. That, doubled with fact that I was a new, young face in the crowd, meant I kind of, sort of  stuck out. (Best pick up line of the week? “We may be in Tennessee, but you’re the only ten-I-see!”)

Being a woman in the athletic work field, I have become used to the off-hand comments and subtle belittling that comes with it; it all just makes me work harder.

But this week, I was shaken so bad at one of my seminars that I almost spent the rest of the day in my hotel room.

You see, I was in a seminar called ‘Helpful Hints’, which consisted of us equipment managers sharing our own hints and shortcuts for the group. I decided to get up and share my ‘hint’ about donating the hotel toiletries athletes leave in their travel bags to battered women’s shelters or homeless shelters in town. I ended my hint by saying, “If you have a SAAC, you should get them involved as well.”

Of course, considering the room was full of 99% men, they heard me say, “If you guys have a sack, get them involved!”

For the remainder of the conference, I was known as the girl who talked about sacks in the Helpful Hints meeting. I was absolutely mortified. Not because I unintentionally mentioned a man’s private parts (Lord knows I do that intentionally on a normal basis), but because no one would drop the damn subject for the rest of the week.I had lost credibility because of my verbal slip.

I can’t help but wonder if the same thing would have happened if I had been a man and actually had a sack of my own?

I am just as intelligent, talented, and damn good at my job as any of those men in my association. I can talk sports and understand the metaphors just as well as the next ass hat out there. Just because I have a vagina does not mean they have the right to ridicule me because I stated something with a double meaning.

You can all take your sacks and kiss my skirted ass.

Monday’s Laundry List March 29, 2010

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For those of you who don’t know – I am an equipment manager for a D1 collegiate athletic program.

This means I care for all the gear and equipment for the sports I have been assigned.

This weekend, three of my teams had competitions.

That means today I have three teams worth of laundry to wash, dry, and return.

“Just how much laundry is that, Jeney?”

Well, let me tell you…

Sport One (13 athletes)

  • 2 sets of jerseys
  • 2 sets of bottoms
  • 3 different sets of warm-up tops
  • 1 set of warm-up suits
  • 1 set of t-shirts
  • 1 set of hooded sweatshirts
  • 1 set of winter jackets
  • 4 sets of socks
  • 2 sets of under armor
  • practice gear

Sport Two (21 athletes)

  • 2 sets of jerseys
  • 2 sets of bottoms
  • 1 set of fleece tops
  • 1 set of warm-up suits
  • 2 sets of socks
  • 2 sets of under armor

Sport Three (13 athletes)

  • 3 sets of jerseys
  • 2 sets of bottoms
  • 2 different sets of warm up tops
  • 1 set of warm-up suits
  • 4 sets of socks
  • 2 sets of knee pads
  • practice gear

This doesn’t include the towels and trainer’s gear I need to do, too.

Or the travel bags I need to pack away.

When I get married and have kids? They can do their own god damn laundry.