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Letters to Life; The Snow Sucks and Grad School is Hard Edition January 12, 2011

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Dear Winter,

I would greatly appreciate it if you would cut the whole “super-shitty-weather” on Friday/ “clear-skies-and-smooth-sailing” on Sunday shenanigans. It makes weekends with The Actual kind of stressful.

Bite Me,

I Don’t Have 4-Wheel Drive


Dear Boss,

When I asked you during my interview if I needed to trade my Focus in for a larger car to deal with the heartless bitch that is North Dakota winter driving, I would have appreciated an honest answer.


I Still Don’t Have 4-Wheel Drive


Dear Fargo Drivers,

Snow and ice on the road does not give you permission to ignore right of way,  the line you’re supposed to stop at for traffic lights, lane lines, speed limits, or any of the other state mandated rules of the road.

Not So Sincerely,

My Blood Pressure Is Through The Roof


Dear Snow,

Cut. It. Out. No one likes you anyway.

Eff Off,

My Ass Is Freezing


Dear Stats Class,

So far, so good. Let’s keep it that way.


Don’t Screw With My 4.0


Dear Wedding,

Could you be a doll and just plan yourself? I could care less about centerpieces and bridesmaid dresses. As long as The Actual shows up and the bar is open, I’ll be happy.


Pirate Vegas Wedding Is Looking Pretty Tempting


Would You Rather Wednesday February 24, 2010

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Does anyone else say “Wedd – nez – day” in their head when they type Wednesday?

No? Just me? Figures.

Anysnow –

Would you rather spend the rest of your life where it is excruciatingly bitter cold during the winter months (as in always below zero before wind chill), but less than six inches of snow actually falls?

Or would you rather spend the rest of your life where the temperatures are relatively mild, but you are guaranteed several feet of snow every year?

Things to consider: Digging your car out of the snow or digging yourself out of your house… your nose hairs freezing whenever you walk outside… frostbite risks… high electric or gas bills for heating.

In other news, I finally posted a little something over at Nothing Rhymes with Orange.

Happy Hump Day!


UPDATE : This is not a test. This is a message from the Emergency Free Shit Giveaway System. There has been a Free Shit Giveaway notice for anyone who has the mental capacity to type. For more information, please see DCPrincessQ at PQ Nation.

Again, this is NOT a test. This is a message from the Emergency Free Shit Giveaway System. She is giving away a $50 gift card to LuLu’s, people!

Winter January 27, 2010

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In honor of the four inches of slush that no one deemed necessary to plow we got over the weekend that froze into a plate of ice I am not exaggerating over the roads this week as well as the bitter below freezing temperatures that render the salt useless that decided to return to us and the blowing snow that made my commute to work absolutely terrifying on Monday and run-on sentences, I am posting a delightful little poem about winter my brother forwarded to me in a e-mail.

Happy Hump Day!