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Waste of a Post February 19, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in i'm a moron, piss and moan, videos.

Guess what? I had an awesome post all cooked up and golden brown in my head for today. It was inspired by Love Harder and I was uber excited to publish it.

Then I had a super shitty day yesterday. And I couldn’t cure it with chocolate and copious amounts of cherry coke like I normally do because God won’t let me. So I’m taking out my frustration on you guys.

Really… I’m sorry.

Here’s a super adorable video to prove it:

This is how I felt yesterday.

And since I’m not cool and I don’t live in DC and will not be attending the post -snowpocolpyse DC Happy Hour tonight, I am competing in Beerlympics with the authors from We Heart Cookie Dough on Team Scotland. Ridiculous pictures, stories, and possibly videos to come next week.

Happy Friday Hookers!