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Post It Note Tuesday: Get Pissed April 20, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in girl problems, life, love bites, piss and moan, post it note tuesdays, save yo drama fo yo mama.

Have you ever been so mad, angry, irritated, enraged, and frustrated that you wanted to punch yourself in the face so you can just feel something else for a few minutes?

No? I’m the only one? Fine. Be like that. Ass-wipes.


I’m taking out my bad week (It’s only Tuesday? FACK!) on my blog via Post It Note Tuesday. Because I can.

Everyone keeps telling me to “enjoy it because it won’t be like that in the summer!” Why don’t you try handling WET clothes when it’s this cold in the building? Then you can talk to me about enjoying the cold…

Just. Shut. Up. For the love of all that is holy I honestly don’t care.

So far – the best form of birth control I have ever been on.

Which shouldn’t be a big deal because he’s moving anyway in a couple months… but damnit! I just want my boyfriend right now!

Seriously. Pay me back. I need to buy food so I’m not so cranky…

‘Nuff said.


Post it Note Tuesday; The “IITGI” List April 6, 2010

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I am proud and honored to be apart of the most fantastic blogging support group on the internets; In It To Gym It

I started blogging there with the goal to run a half marathon by the end of the summer. Then I met two incredible and splendid new RL friends who is just are obsessed with training as I have become.

They’ve become my Partners in Insanity.

With all of the support from you guys and the assistance of my new partners… my summer goal to run 13.1 miles has grown to epic proportions of now competing in a 10K run/ride race, an inline skating marathon, a team relay half-ironman, and a 5k.

The half-marathon is going to fit in there somewhere.

So I will leave you with a post-it that will not be my motto for the next five months:

I’m in it, bitches.

Post It Note Tuesday: The Little Things March 2, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in life, post it note tuesdays.

After having five days of absolute hell last week, I took time this weekend to myself.

Because, really, I love that crazy bitch.

And you know… the little things really do add up. So this week’s Post It Tuesday is dedicated to the little things in life that make my heart smile.

What are your ‘little things’?