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Letters to an Old Life, Pt. 2 March 22, 2010

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I’m going to be 110% honest with you…

1) I am still waiting on some media back from the wedding photographer to post about the wedding itself.

2) The black thong story is my TMI for this week.

3) I had two blisters on the roof of my mouth yesterday from being an impatient little snot when it came to eating my microwave burrito yesterday and they both popped this morning when I ate breakfast and now I’m all grouchy and pissy because I can’t drink my tea without pumping myself up for the searing pain it will cause.

4) So I am being a lazy waste of space today and I’m posting something I actually wrote a loooong while back and never had the gonads to post.


Dear ‘Jane’,

I apologize for using such a plain, unimaginative name for you. It’s exactly the thing that would drive you crazy. But I really couldn’t think of anything that would suit your ego and still keep your identity anonymous.

We were the best of friends and I have absolutely no idea when or how – or even when – that changed. I don’t remember saying or doing anything to make you despise me so much… and I would give anything to know that little morsel of information. Not knowing is throwing my Libran balance off.

We used to tell each other everything. Things about family, sex, television, bowel movements, friends… everything. Now? I haven’t heard from you in damn near over a year.

I wish I had the balls to actually send this to you; but the last time I tried to make amends it blew up in my face. Hell, anytime I come into contact with you in any way, shape, or form everything goes to hell. I don’t even talk to our mutual friends anymore because I have a sneaking suspicion they all hate me too.

I know you’re happy and living a life you love now and I guess that makes me happy. I won’t lie, I’m a little resentful because you wrote me out of the script without telling me why… but happy none the less.

Hope you enjoy the rest of it,


Letters to an Old Life, Pt 1 September 28, 2009

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Dear Indiana,

It has been thirty-nine days since we last spoke (not that I am counting or anything). I must say, so far, I am content and happy with Fargo. The city has treated me well and I love my new friends, job, and life. I’m actually happy with myself for once. But, damnit. There are things about you I just cannot let go of.

I miss living with Vic and Clint. I miss my little bedroom with too much shit in it. I would give anything to be sitting on Vic’s leather couch watching the Food Network, drinking High Life or Schlitz, eating queso, and listening to them talk about Giada’s breasts. I miss running with Clint. I miss watching True Blood with Vic. I miss quoting Super Troopers with them at inappropriate moments. I still laugh when I think about playing Presidents and Assholes with them and Will… I miss them.

As much as I bitched about your lack of quality dining… I miss Martin’s Sidedoor Deli and the wonderland that was salad bars, sushi, and deli sandwiches. I crave Uptown Kitchen and the orgasm in a tortilla they called their “breakfast burrito”. I would literally murder someone for a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle right now. Nothing sounds better at this moment than an Oaken Bucket cheeseburger or Barnaby’s pizza with cheese sauce… or even some fish and chips with a Guiness on tap from Fiddlers.

I miss my old friends. I want to play beer pong with Ann Jan one more time. I want to hear Katie call me “Fargo” with her own voice rather than on my Facebook wall. I want to play with Joe Joe again. I want to be at Tuesday Trivia with Becky, Isaiah, Audrey, and Troy. I want to be shit-faced in Niles with Adam and Ben. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new friends. But right now I want nothing more than to be eating Kim’s Taco Dip with the manager crew while watching the Notre Dame game.

I miss all the sketchy, smelly, sticky, grossness that came with your dive bars. I miss the pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea from Finnie’s. I miss huge beers from the Backer. I miss the Woo-Woos from Club Fever. I miss the awful decisions that were made whenever we were at one of these establishments. I miss the terrible music, sticky floors, and sweaty bodies that we hated when we were there… but craved when we weren’t.

I miss you, Indiana. You were never really good for me and we are definitely better as friends. But sometimes I really wish I was with you again.

Till next time,