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Hello? Is this mic on? January 24, 2012

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::Ahem:: Excuse me… hello? Hello?? Anyone there?

Oh! There you are! I was worried no one stuck around this place considering I’ve left it dormant for eleventy billion days.

Wait, what? You’re not one of my readers? Huh? Prince who? From Nigeria?! I didn’t know I had any relatives from Nigeria…

Anynonsense – I know I’ve neglected the blogging and social media world for entirely too long and to be completely honest, I’m not sorry about it. (Truth hurts sometimes, yo.)

Of course you are all aware of my typical “school, work, and wedding planning” excuses… While those are all fine and dandy reasons for not over-sharing my life across the internets, they’re simply not enough to really excuse this kind of hiatus.

You see, this fall I was all ready and set to go with a big return to the blogging world – then my grandfather passed away in the early hours of August 31st. Needless to say, I was devastated.

I have tried several times to write some sort of memorial post to him to kick-start myself in to blogging again, but I still cannot coherently describe how special that man was is to me. So I’m not going to.

After my family dropped $1200 on place tickets to get from Fargo to Chicago, a very tearful and exhausting funeral, spreading ashes on our farm property, and settling back in to life, I decided I was going to participate in some sort of race before the wedding in his honor.

Thanks to my absolutely amazing Maid of Honor, I found that race.*

I would like you to please take a moment and watch this video

This is 10 to 12 miles of running through fire, swimming through ice-cold water, scaling 12 foot walls, sprinting through electrically charged wires, and other such obstacles developed by the British Special Forces?

Why yes. As a matter of fact, I am certifiably insane.

This is, without a doubt, going to be the most physically challenging thing I have done to date. I’m sure it will out-do the team triathlon I did two summers ago by a gazillion, million points.

This is my second week of training for the challenge and I can already see a difference in myself. I have already increased weights, reps, and even my endurance.

But I still need help.

You see, Tough Mudder has joined forces with the Wounded Warrior Project and given all participants an additional challenge of raising $150 toward the charity.

(As my grandfather was a veteran of the US Army and a dedicated patriot of this country, this partnership and my participation couldn’t be any more appropriate.)

So here’s the deal… I’m going to punish my body to an extent that has never been breached before in the name of my grandfather and the man and women who serve this nation (fire, freezing water, and electricity people!)

Will you donate on behalf on me? Even just a dollar?

If your answer is yes, please go to this link. It will only take a moment of your time and I will be forever grateful!

In return, I promise I will revive this blog. I will regale you with stories of my baby brother moving in with me, adventures in learning how to properly lift with free-weights, and wedding madness!

In other words – I’m back, bitches.

* I told her if I break a limb and have to walk down the aisle, take pictures, and spend my wedding night in a cast, I’m making her wear a boot all night for shits and giggles.


Repo! The Genetic Opera November 22, 2010

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For those of you thinking this title has anything to do with that piece of crap movie with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker – you are sadly mistaken.

Last week I was surfing around a friend’s Netflix account trying to find something interesting to pass the time when I stumbled across a title that I had been meaning to watch ever since I saw the trailer for it on a Saw DVD – Repo! The Genetic Opera.

While I knew this film was going to be anything but ordinary – I had no idea the kind of onslaught of visual and auditory carnage I was about to experience.

The lovechild of Sweeney Todd, Hostel, and the Beverly Hills scene of Escape from L.A., this movie is quite possibly one of the most disturbing and haunting things I have ever watched; and I cannot get enough of it. Even Paris Hilton’s character blew me away. Amber Sweet – a spoiled, slutty, heiress with a drug addition. Wait… she didn’t have to act at all did she?

Taking place in the year 2056, the population of the world was ravaged by an epidemic of failing organs. Like a beacon of light, the company GeneCo emerged with the ability to provide organs to those in need of them – organs that are financed. And just like your car and your home, these organs can be repossessed if you fall behind on payments.

With this technology, the trend of “making your x-ray sexier” became all the rage. People were having surgeries to replace their hearts, kidneys, corneas, and everything else in between on a daily and weekly basis. Of course, with this kind of treatment to your body came terrible pain and agony. But wait! GeneCo rises again and creates a very expensive and highly addictive pain-killer, Zydrate. For those scalpel sluts that can’t afford the real stuff, a cheap knock off that is harvested from the brains of the dead is sold on the street (sounds tempting, doesn’t it?).

The plot centers around a young girl who is quarantined in her bedroom by her overprotective father. She has been told that she has a blood disease she inherited from her dead mother. Her father, who happens to be GeneCo’s #1 Repoman, has a haunted past and deathly connection with the founder of GeneCo, Rotti Largo.

If the blood and gore of legal assassinations and organ repossession or comic relief from a murderer and a rapist don’t keep you interested, the twists, turns, and intertwined destinies of the characters will. An absolutely riveting storyline told through comic-book style story boards and the narration of a strangely endearing and charismatic Graverobber lies in the background of a catchy, dark, and absolutely splendid soundtrack.

An honest to God bloody, can’t-tear-your-eyes-away (but GeneCo will if you default on them) sort of film, Repo! will not disappoint any fan of the manic and horrific.

2010 Morden Triathlon – The Photographic Evidence July 19, 2010

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As I promised, below are a few of the pictures from the Triathlon last weekend.

Enjoy and happy or not so happy Monday, hookers 🙂

The only borders I had crossed before this were state and moral ones.

Swim caps are sexy.

Both Biz and my grandfather got me through the ~40km I was able to finish.

The swimmer. The cyclist. The runner.

At least they got one good one of me BEFORE the flat tire.

This girl let me sob like a child in her shoulder after the flat. Seriously - my savior.

You better believe I took advantage of the free massage therapists.

God damn bike...

They let Carrie run anyway - and because of that Erin was able to finish her Foilman. See... everything works out. 🙂

Our next battle? Minneapolis Muddy Buddy! Team "867-5309" and Team "Ex-RIT Girls"

I was delirious on the way home. This was the "I'm-in-so-much-pain-I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-my-body" phase.

Despite everything, I had a blast. Couldn't have asked for a better team for my first Triathlon.