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Remember me? September 16, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in all growed up, being appropriate is overrated, i'm a moron, life, piss and moan.

…I’m that girl who used to blog almost every day and make you laugh so hard you peed your pants a little? Alright, so maybe I wasn’t that funny but I know I would at least make you crack a smile or giggle a little on occasion. Stop lying to yourself…

I have been massively MIA ever since my grandfather and my brother decided to be bosom buddies in the hospital. I know I shouldn’t use medically treated family as an excuse for being so internet anti-social, but the penthouse in hell already has a down payment on it so what do I have to lose by playing the “my-grandfather-was-close-to-death-and-my-idiot-brother-had-a-seizure-and-drove-into-someone’s-front-yard” card, right? (Don’t judge me.)

No? How about the “my-boyfriend(fiance?!)-lives-across-the-state-and-I-spend-the-majority-of-my-online-time-skyping” card?

Well, shit. I’m just going to have to whip out my “I-got-lost-in-the-middle-of-bum-fuck-Canada-on-a-bicycle-with-a-flat-tire-and-lost-all-motivation-to-be-any-sort-of-productive-in-any-aspect-of-my-life” card.

(Suck on that, bitches.)

Anymelodramatic, I just haven’t had it in me to be funny and witty and grammatically correct lately. Between the aforementioned family hospital bill, trying to make a long-distance relationship work, all the fall sports starting up at work, and getting a sparkly put on my finger, I’ve just been too god damn exhausted. There isn’t enough coffee, 5-hour-energy, or B-complex vitamins in the world to keep me from coming home and crashing on my couch to watch DVRed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights.

Alas, I’m going to be a quarter of a century old this coming October 10th (10/10/10 hookers!) and I think it is high time that I put the big-girl-pants back on and get this cluster-fuck I call my life back in order.

So while I will admit that this post is endlessly pointless to every last one of you who had the unfortunate luck to read it – this is me lighting a fire under my ass.

Let’s go Jeney, stop pussy-footing around and get to it.

(I totally managed to call you guys liars, bitches, hookers, and accused you of judging me in this post. I apologize…)

(Not really. But let’s pretend I meant it.)



1. cberry - September 16, 2010

seriously you crack me up! I needed this, after i just paid the ass up in sales tax to the state of ohio who ONLY lets you pay online, and THEN charges you like $20 for online fee!! WTF!!! OHHH so i had mo’ money mo’ problems though playing in the back ground as i read your AWESOME blog! holla! 😀

2. cari - September 16, 2010

nice. i’ve been rather absent lately too. it’s the whole school thing and not having enough motivation to be creative blogging.

heck… my brain is pretty much so fried that i can’t even comment… bah. haha.

3. Stevie - September 16, 2010

Thanks for the update 😉

4. Joe A - September 16, 2010

…”I think it is high time that I put the big-girl-pants back on and get this cluster-fuck I call my life back in order.”

LMAO! I’m about to be closer to twice your age than I’d like to admit, and I STILL don’t have the energy to tackle THAT!!!

I find I’ve been laying way low on the social/internet scene as well lately. Some personal things going on, and it’s been kind of peaceful not to worry about sharing it with everyone.

5. carissa - September 16, 2010

haha I love your clusterfuck life. But I also miss your posts. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be around more often, yo.

6. Sadie Hawkins Dance - September 19, 2010

seriously, your posts make my day. love it. and you. 🙂

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