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I never thought it would happen to me… September 7, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in all growed up, freakin' weekend, sentimental stuff, weddng madness.

At 4:30pm on Friday, September 3rd, I left my office early and set out to Rugby, North Dakota to visit The Actual for the long weekend.

The three and a half hour drive through the vast farmsteads of NoDak leave a lot of time for thinking. Between flipping through my iPod, cursing my Siruis radio, and weaving my way through construction I made a mental list of things I needed to do when I got back to Fargo:

Price out new tires… go grocery shopping… order The Actual’s birthday present… begin reading for my Athletic Facility Management class… get a jump-start on research for the second thesis of my life…

I finally arrived in the geographical center of North America and made my way to the only apartment complex in town. I grabbed my bags and trudged up to the third floor where my significant other waited patiently for my arrival – probably pwning noobs in Halo or rocking out to Beatle’s Rockband.

We did all our schmoopy hellos and began to tell him about the drive and how much I hated driving on Route 2 in the afternoon towards his place as it is an East-West highway and I’m driving west and the sun is in my eyes the ENTIRE TWO HOURS I DRIVE ON IT.

That’s when I notice he’s got that shit-eating-I’m-up-to-something  grin on his face.

“What’s going on?”

That’s when I finally notice he is holding something between us – right against my heart.

"Will you marry me?"

I guess I need to add “plan a wedding” to that list of things I need to do.

I have to be honest... the first thing I said was "Are you for real?"

PS – I will post the winner of my package contest tomorrow!



1. DC Princess - September 7, 2010

AHHHHHHHHH!! I love that he did it right away!! CONGRATS!!

2. carissa - September 7, 2010

oh MY GOSH!!! Congrats lady! That’s so beautiful and I know you’ll be happy forevah!

3. Rebecca - September 7, 2010

Aww, congrats! I’m loving your ring, is that an emerald in the middle? Tres chic!

4. Erin Scott - September 7, 2010

AH!! AH!! That is so awesome! Congrats, Jenny!

(PS, I would totally would ask the same thing of my significant other if he proposed right now.)

5. MJenks - September 7, 2010

That’s a pretty ring!

Congrats, Jeney.

6. Just A Girl - September 7, 2010


Ahem. Now that that’s out of the way. Congratulations love! I’m so very happy for you.

7. JeffScape - September 7, 2010

Oh, shit. Congrats!

Who won the package giveaway?

8. Sadie Hawkins Dance - September 7, 2010

Love it. Absolutely love it. 🙂

9. Joe A - September 7, 2010

Jeney, I am SO happy for you! This is awesome, and you SO deserve it! Beautiful ring, no surprise there’s some green in it… and just for the record, I can totally see you a) not noticing the ring box right away, and 2) saying ‘are you for real’ first. Classic! LOL Love ya, hon!

10. cari - September 7, 2010


i am SSSOOO happy for you. i hope that you peed a little out of happiness too.

11. gingermandy - September 7, 2010

that is so cute, i love it. i love that he kept it simple and sweet, to me those always seem to be the most genuine and thoughtful proposals. it sounds perfect and i’m so happy for you 🙂

12. Stevie - September 7, 2010

Oh, so sweet! So excited for you!

13. coorscowgirl - September 7, 2010

CONGRATS !!! soooo happy for you 🙂

ps= the ring is very very pretty

14. Haley - September 7, 2010

Jeney Bean,

What is this craziness? I’m super excited for you!! I’m just glad I got to become his facebook friend before her proposed to you!!!

15. Dani - September 7, 2010

Congrats! Have fun planning your wedding!!!

16. Heather - September 7, 2010


17. Bowdisha - September 8, 2010

Congrats Jeney!!!

18. Tiffany - September 9, 2010


I got engaged in June of this year while we were in south carolina… Nothing more exciting than planning a wedding.

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