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Snail Mail August 16, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in bloggers do it best, giveaways, life, shenanigans.

A huge part of my job includes budgeting for, ordering, receiving, inventorying*, and issuing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of shoes, cleats, shorts, jerseys, backpacks, and other such nonsense to mostly completely ungrateful athletes.

I can depend on at least a couple packages to come through my building everyday throughout the month of July with my name on it… but nothing in the boxes belongs to me. Cue sad face.

I mean, who doesn’t love getting packages, letters, cards, postcards, and the like in their mailbox? Snail mail is like a parfait… have you ever asked anyone, “Hey, you like parfaits?” and they said, “Hell no! I don’t like no parfaits!”**

Didn’t think so.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lemon Drop, did a neat little package giveaway a few weeks back and I’m stealing it. Because I roll like that.

So take a gander at the questions below and and answer them either by e-mail (jeney [dot] anderson [at] gmail [dot] com) or comment on this post. You can send a carrier pigeon if you want, but I don’t think my landlord would appreciate the poop.

I will chose three lovely winners who will receive a package from yours truly in the mail with awesomely awesome fun stuff!

You have until September 1st! Aaaaaand go!

Blog url?
Zodiac Sign?
Favorite colors?
Favorite smell?
Favorite season?
Favorite candy?
Favorite food?
Favorite animal?
Silver or gold?
Dream vacation?
Favorite magazine/book?
Guilty pleasure?

*It’s a word now. Bite me.

**Bonus points to whoever can name this movie first…



1. Alexandra the Tsaritsa - August 16, 2010

Name? Alexandra Marie

Blog url? http://www.theTsaritsasez.com/

Age? 24, going on 25

Zodiac Sign? Libra

Favorite colors? Purple, black, pink, green

Favorite smell? Coco Chanel, or incense

Hobbies? Writing, reading, watching too much tv.

Favorite season? Autumn, but I miss summer-time living in SF.

Favorite candy? Kit-Kats

Favorite food? Italian food

Favorite animal? Cats, cheetahs

Silver or gold? Gold, absolutely.

Dream vacation? Hawaii

Favorite magazine/book? American Psycho

Guilty pleasure? Watching The Kardashians

2. carissa - August 16, 2010

Name?Carissa, yo
Blog url?http://www.carissajaded.com
Age? 28 and 9 days.
Zodiac Sign? LEO
Favorite colors? turquoise and purple
Favorite smell? Gardenia, cooking biscuits, and sandalwood incense
Hobbies? Improv comedy, writing, movies, working out sometimes, cooking biscuits, drinking water from a water hose, decopauging, singing really bad karaoke
Favorite season? My birthday. Also October. That’s also the season known as late summer sometimes/rarely fall here in texas.
Favorite candy? twizzlers and peanut m&ms
Favorite food?cheese. Also cheese its and edamame. sushi too.
Favorite animal? Llamas
Silver or gold? Silver
Dream vacation?Australia
Favorite magazine/book? Anything funny, Laurie Natoro is my favorite. Or anything by Alice Hoffman/ Or anything scary or cheesy or about improv.
Guilty pleasure?Singing musicals. Pretending Gene Kelly was still alive. Eating blow pops and sunflower seeds since I quit smoking 8 days ago.

5 random (or not) things about you…
1.I can play my nose like a kazoo
2.I have a dimple at the top of my bottom
3.My belly button is deep and i think it smells bad but I kind of like it
4.I used to have a bunch of mice. Sometimes i go the petstore just to play with them,
5.I know all the lyrics to “Hair” from the musical of the same name.

3. Stevie - August 16, 2010

Just sent my answers via e-mail!

4. JeffScape - August 16, 2010

“Inventorying” might be a word now, but “apart” should be two. 😉

maroon, metallic red
expensive perfume on smooth decolletage
writing garbage
Winter or summer. Hard to pick.
Now & Laters
Spaghetti, when the Parmesan cheese doesn’t give me food poisoning
Gray Wolves
All 192 countries in the world
Lonesome Dove

5. dawnlovitt - August 16, 2010

Name? Dawn
Blog url? http://www.dawnlovitt.wordpress.com
Age? 39
Zodiac Sign? Cancer
Favorite colors? green
Favorite smell? puppy feet!
Hobbies? trying new things
Favorite season? fall
Favorite candy? circus peanuts
Favorite food? ricotta cheese
Favorite animal? catdog
Silver or gold? silver
Dream vacation? anywhere…I need a vacation! Italy would do nicely!
Favorite magazine/book? Lamb. The Gospel Accord to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Friend. by Christopher Moore
Guilty pleasure? Hulu…specifically watching Nip/Tuck on Hulu

Bonus Points….SHREK quote!

6. Sadie Hawkins Dance - August 16, 2010

Name?: Resada Kathryn Ward (Sadie)
Blog url?: don’t have one. I should perhaps consider that…
Age?: 23
Zodiac Sign? Taurus, but depending on what cutoff day you pick (the 19th or 20th), I may be a Gemini too. I’ve seen it both ways.
Favorite colors?: Orange, Black, and Maroon
Favorite smell?: Fresh brownies and cookies, or (and most people think this is weird, but) the smell of football or hockey season. I’m an athletic trainer….give me a break. 😛
Hobbies?: playing and watching any sports, reading, watching movies, and video games. (nerd alert)
Favorite season?: Summer and fall for the weather, winter for hockey season.
Favorite candy?: Reese’s peanut butter cups
Favorite food?: my homemade chicken, bbq, and pineapple pizza.
Favorite animal?: penguin
Silver or gold?: silver
Dream vacation?: traveling all through South America…hitting Brazil in particular (I think that’d be pretty sweet)
Favorite magazine/book?: Harry Potter series…but I read Matilda like 10 times when I was little for AR points. I’m also a big fan of Goodnight Moon. 🙂
Guilty pleasure?: organizing and color coding things. especially school supplies. 🙂

7. cari - August 17, 2010

Name: cari jehlik
Blog url: jehlik501.wordpress.com
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: ummm… gemini
Favorite colors: orange and yellow
Favorite smell: good cologne
Hobbies: running, reading, writing, crocheting, knitting, video games
Favorite season: running season
Favorite candy: smarties
Favorite food: pasta of any kind
Favorite animal: dog
Silver or gold: definitely silver
Dream vacation: british isles
Favorite magazine/book: runner’s world/the Bible
Guilty pleasure: not wearing underwear if i don’t absolutely have to. or just being naked in general.

8. Pauline - August 18, 2010

New here. I love your entries to femmewrites.com. Anyways, to answer your questions:

Blog url?http://brightestblue.wordpress.com
Age? 29
Zodiac Sign? Capricorn
Favorite colors? Purple, blue and black
Favorite smell?Cinammon
Hobbies?Art, reading and playing videogames.
Favorite season?Summer
Favorite candy?Junior Mints and Runtz
Favorite food? Vegetarian and pasta
Favorite animal? Cat
Silver or gold? Silver
Dream vacation? Europe or Caribbean
Favorite magazine/book? Food and Drink and Jane
Guilty pleasure? Surfin’ the internet for random information.

9. Bowdisha - August 23, 2010

Name: Ashley Bowdisha Bowdish
Blog url: I don’t have one yet, but I’m working on doing a photoblog
Age: 23 and 11/12
Zodiac Sign: Libra (the best)
Favorite colors: Orange and Yellow
Favorite smell: Liliacs, I pretty much sniff those flowers until they fall apart
Hobbies: reading, watching movies, and photography
Favorite season: Fall. You just gotta love college football games, cider mills, corn mazes, and dressing up like a slutty anything for Halloween
Favorite candy: Reese Pieces
Favorite food: Red Lobster biscuits. I could eat those like it was my job (wouldn’t that be a fantastic job?!?)
Favorite animal: Llama
Silver or gold: White gold
Dream vacation: I would love love love to go back to Ireland and actually get the chance to explore it on my own.
Favorite magazine/book?
Guilty pleasure: Natural Disaster movies.

10. Bowdisha - August 23, 2010

I missed favorite magazine/book!
All time favorite book: Catcher in the Rye, and I have recently really gotten into Architectural Digest haha

11. Jamie - August 26, 2010

Name? Jamie
Blog url? http://everysongends.com
Age? 26
Zodiac Sign? Pisces
Favorite colors? Almost all shades of blue.
Favorite smell? Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
Hobbies? Watching sports (GO BEARS!), reading, music
Favorite season? Summer. Hands down.
Favorite candy? Kit kat. Yummy!
Favorite food? Panera Bread. Seriously.
Favorite animal? Dolphin. So cute and smart.
Silver or gold? Silver. I really dislike gold. A lot.
Dream vacation? A Caribbean cruise or just any cruise or any place nicer than Illinois.
Favorite magazine/book? All time favorite book? Catcher in the Rye. Favorite author? Jodi Picoult.
Guilty pleasure? Too much tv. Specifically, One Tree Hill

12. Dominique - September 1, 2010

Name? Dominique
Blog url? dom-live.com
Age? 29
Zodiac Sign? Gemini
Favorite colors? Blue, purple, black.
Favorite smell? Fresh rain
Hobbies? Driving, hiking, travel, spending time with friends, exploring San Francisco, ballet
Favorite season? Summer for the weather, fall for the clothes
Favorite candy? Sour patch kids
Favorite food? Veggies
Favorite animal? Bunnies
Silver or gold? Silver
Dream vacation? A week on a private island with my closest friends
Favorite magazine/book? Vanity Fair, anything by Stieg Larsson
Guilty pleasure? Weekly mani/pedis

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