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There’s a dick in those pants… June 7, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in being appropriate is overrated, pop culture, sentimental stuff, shenanigans.

It is official!

My dearest friends, it has happened.

I am in deeply, totally, and completely in love.

… with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I admit I am a little behind the 8-ball on this one. But a good friend of mine loaned me seasons 1-3 while I procrastinated studying for my certification exam and I simply cannot get enough of the gang’s shenanigans.

I adore Dennis and his enormous, larger than life ego. I cannot help but giggle hysterically at Mac and his quack-ass ideas. Frank may be a dirty, fat pervert – but he’s a god damn funny dirty, fat pervert.

And Charlie? Well, his high pitched shrieks and long underwear hold a very special place in my heart.

And D… hang in there girl. I’m sure I’ll find a reason to love you sooner or later.*

It’s Always Sunny… I am so sorry I neglected you for so long. You truly are amazing and I am forever grateful you are in my life.

Even if I do have a ton of laundry from you making me pee my pants from laughing so much.

* This is a complete lie. I know the gang does her so, so wrong… but I love that scrawny blonde.



1. Sadie Hawkins Dance - June 7, 2010

Oh yes….I’m glad you’ve seen the light. I own all the seasons myself…couldn’t love a show any more. Sometimes, I find myself wishing I was part of the gang. I feel you and I would be great additions to the bar crew. Let’s make it happen.

2. Vegetable Assassin - June 7, 2010

My favourite ever quote is by Charlie when Dennis bangs Mac’s mom and Mac wants to bang Dennis and Dee’s mom as revenge, so Charlie points out it’s a bad idea because “it doesn’t unbang your mom!” I think I’ve used that line a million times since in all sorts of occasions. 🙂

3. Vegetable Assassin - June 7, 2010

Or is it Charlie and Dennis about Mac banging Dennis’s mom? Fuck I can’t remember. But it was a great line anyways… 🙂

4. carissa - June 9, 2010

I am so completely obsessed with Charlie it’s not even funny. OBSESSIONATED!

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