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I’m Just Sayin’ – Paying to Pody April 28, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in being appropriate is overrated, empty threats, i'm just sayin', piss and moan, traveling.

For anyone that flies (not literally asshole… on a plane), you know that airlines have been taking us to the cleaners with all the hidden fees and charges that we have to pay to sit our happy little asses in their cramped coach seats.

Checked bag fees, overweight bag fees, change of seat fees, airline ‘food’ fees, you’re-too-fat fees, booking fees, little-kid-by-themselves fees, flight change fees, pet fees…

Suck on fees nutz!!

I’m sorry. That was immature. And lame.


But geez! I wouldn’t be surprised if they started charging us to take a piss on the plane!

Wait… what is that you say? They already are?

Well, shit on me!*

This has got to be some kind of violation of a civil liberty or a health insurance scam or something.

And the logistics have got to be a nightmare! How do you regulate something like that? Is the door coin operated? What if you don’t have exact change? Do we all need to purchase pre-paid swipe cards which will no doubt have activation, usage, interest, and optional glittery design fees attached to them? Do we all have to answer three questions to cross the threshold of the insanely tiny lavatory?

In all honesty, this may not be a problem for most people who fly. But what about elderly people? Pregnant women? Those blessed with bladders the size of a dime? Or people who had their flight delayed because of your inept airline and had a few or eight martinis at the airport bar and broke the seal too early?

I’ll tell you what, my friends… I’d whip out the barf bag and drop trow in the middle of the plane or even piss over the ice in the little plastic cup my shot of soda came in before I stick any of my laundry quarters in a door to sit on your poor excuse for a toilet.

I’m just sayin’.

* You might actually have to if you don’t have any quarters…



1. Isaiah Walter Paul 2-bit Diomedes Pepe Beckman - April 28, 2010

What the FEEEZEY!?

2. cari - April 28, 2010

seriously? so… if i was going to fly for 14 hours, i should just pee before and then hold it until AFTER my flight? wow. how much does it cost to have people use the john anyway? it’s not like it uses 3 gallons of water every time.

they are going SSOOO OVERBOARD with all this fee business. it’s ridiculous.

3. carissa - May 3, 2010

I’m a little late on this post, but YES. Everytime I read something about the stupid freaking airplanes making me pay even more than the million dollars I have to pay I want to hit someone with a frying pan over the head. NOT. COOL.

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