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What Have We Done? April 22, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in piss and moan, sentimental stuff, the midwest.

Today, for those of you who are completely oblivious, is Earth Day.

I really wanted to write something earth-shattering and ground breaking  – but that would be counter productive to the point of the day, right?

I know. Bad pun. I apologize.

(Not really.)


I tweeted a song earlier by a band called Veer Union that I felt was just too appropriate for today. Then I realized the video is cut off in the middle with a clip of Marilyn Manson and I got all bent because, damnit, I ruined EVERYTHING!

Seriously, though, guys. (aaaand cue the bleeding heart liberal rant…) I live near a landfill. Sometimes, if the wind is coming from the right direction, I can smell it in the air. I’ve driven by it a few times, too and it’s absolutely disgusting. I am horrified to think that my future children might be playing near things like this someday. I also just fear for them in general. I mean, come on. Me? A mom. That’s some scary shit.

Let’s start making a difference…

Recycle. Even if your community or apartment complex doesn’t offer it, collect your recycles and take them to a center. It’s actually a pretty good way to boost your self-esteem and feel just the tiniest bit elitist.

Conserve. Turn it off if you’re not using it. It saves energy and it’ll save your utility bills. And who doesn’t like to save money?

Reduce. Use a washcloth instead of a paper towel. Ride your bike or carpool. Pack your lunch in Tupperware rather than zip lock bags. I know it’s so much easier to just use disposable things – but think about how much of a pain in the ass it is to take the garbage out. Yea? See!

Be Aware. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not guilty of any of the above. But just realize what you’re doing… and just try to make small changes. I’m not asking you to turn your life upside down, refuse to use anything that is not biodegradable, and buy a hybrid – I’m just asking that you think about what you’re doing before you toss your vitamin water bottle in the trash.

(aaaand stepping off my soap box.)

And also? Go buy Avatar. Now.

Happy Earth Day!



1. Malnurtured Snay - April 22, 2010

Two things:

1. “I’m just asking that you” um. That we … ? Step off YOUR soap box?

2. Have actually been debating buying Avatar. Haven’t seen it. But since there are so many copies pressed, and b/c extended versions are coming later this year, I feel I can wait until fall/winter and get a BR copy for like $5.

2. JeffScape - April 22, 2010

And we should all start peeing outside!

3. cari - April 23, 2010

i want to feel elitist! yay!!

i hear you though. it’s “super hard” to actually get to a recycling center (or to remember to go) but i WANT to be doing that. and i will most CERTAINLY be breaking the fiance of the ‘take food to work in disposable stuff’ mindset. because seriously? wastes money and we ain’t got the money to waste. we’ll have plenty of in good condition tupperware (considering it’s all NEW!! YAY!!!)

and yes, the dump? super rank. i feel sorry for you. seriously.

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