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Gettin’ down on all four… wheels? April 19, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in a little help from my friends, bad-ass-ness, i'm a moron, return to athleticism, shenanigans, sports.

Do you remember when you were an awkward, prepubescent wee tike and you really, really wanted to join the team?

Remember when you wanted nothing more than to put on that uniform, bump chests, and scream incoherent babble in the huddle with the rest of the hooligans on the roster?

You dreamed and hoped and wished to be accepted, adored, and possibly laid later?

Well, I’ve got that feeling.

And this feeling has quite possibly caused me to lose any semblance of rationality or common sense because…

(are you ready for this?)

I am trying out for the roller derby team.

You heard that right… I am strapping on my skates (Yes. I own a pair of skates. Shut yo face.), pulling up my big girl fishnets, and caking on the eyeliner in my attempts to become an FM Derby Girl.

I am aware of the broken limbs, blood loss, and possible brain hemorrhages I am at risk for. And I am okay with that.

BUT! I do have one teensy, tiny little problem – I need a name.

I’m absolutely pathetic at coming up with actual badass names.

So far I have Shamrock Your Socks, Cindewrecka, and Jenny McKarnage.

See? I obviously need help.

Hit me with your best shot, bitches.

(But be gentle… I need to save as many pounds of flesh as possible  before the try out.)



1. Malnurtured Snay - April 19, 2010

WHAT? Are you CRAZY? Jenny McKARNAGE is a PERFECT Roller-Derby name!

2. Malnurtured Snay - April 19, 2010

Although … given something your guest poster blogged about you last week, maybe it should be J-anal McKarnage …

3. Daffy - April 19, 2010

ROLLER DERBY! OMG That is SOOO freakin’ cool!!

YOu go with your badass self!

I like Cindewrecka….that’s awesome!

4. Dawn Lovitt - April 19, 2010

Dude, did you know that there is a team starting up here in the Bend? No, not kidding. I have a friend, who has a sister joining the team and is having the same problem you are…FINDING A NAME is killing her. You know you are meant for such a thing when the hardest part of becoming a team member is FINDING A NAME!

5. Isaiah - April 19, 2010

You are ker – azy! How about “J-Backer” i like this one… “J-Rock” boom! you’re welcome!

6. Stevie - April 19, 2010

I actually like Jenny McKarnage. And um, this is AWESOME! I love roller derby!

7. Joe A - April 19, 2010

How very cool! I see roller derby and you as a perfect fit, for some reason…. and Jenny McKarnage is a great name!

8. bellyshirts - April 19, 2010

So cool! I really like Cindawrecka.. I’ll need to keep thinking about this..

9. carissa - April 20, 2010

YESSSSSSS!!! Ok i don’t know about the name just yet, but i swear I will do some research and major brain searching and get back to you. I’m so super pumped for you!

10. Ed Adams - April 20, 2010

Cindawrecka is good.

11. Blue Martini Photography - April 21, 2010

AHHH! I LOVE IT!!!! i really wish i would have made it to that match here in cincinnati- when you make the team, you’re gonna have to tell me if its even called a match….

good luck! go you!!!!

and i love cindawrecka!!! your so creative! 😉 xoox

12. clairemontgomerymd - April 21, 2010

awesome!!! you are SO WAY cool. i love cindawrecka.

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