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Friday Fishbowl Playlist April 2, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in bad-ass-ness, fishbowl playlists, music.

Ready for the weekend rockstars?

This playlist is dedicated to Vic… because it was his idea in the first place.

The Fish Bowl’s

I ❤ the 80’s (Cover Yo Ass) Playlist


Gotta admit Seether rocked this one. And the video is just as amazing…


Shout, bitches.


Although the movie was awful (with the exception of a panty-wetting sex scene), the theme’s cover was awesomesauce.


There was a period in my teens when I was absolutely obsessed with this band… and I still crank this song when I hear it.


STFU. You know you fucking loved this song and Fred Durst’s douche bag ass when it came out.



1. Blue Martini Photography - April 2, 2010

party like a rockstar!!!! whoot whoot! great song picks! 😉 xoxo

2. eva - April 6, 2010

Important stuff, thanks for posting 🙂


3. eva - April 6, 2010

Nice! so many videos

4. Kandace - April 18, 2010

Of COURSE we loved Faith when it came out. Anyone who says they didn’t LIES. 🙂

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