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I’m Just Sayin’ Wednesday – The Potential March 31, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in FML, girl problems, i'm a moron, i'm just sayin', life, love bites.

WARNING: This post is wicked shmoopy. If you don’t want to read that kind of crap go here.

I met a boy.

For those who follow me on twitter , I’ve been referring to him as “The Potential.”

I call him that because we haven’t made anything official even though we hold hands and kiss and talk everyday and all that stupid dating crap.

The Potential is your quintessential “good guy” and honestly,  general cares about me.

He makes me feel safe and beautiful – things past boys have rarely ever made me feel.

…and he has a motorcycle. (C’mon, guys. You didn’t think I’d really fall for Beaver Cleaver did you?)

It took me months to even let myself like this boy.

Now? He’s has turned me into a complete stupid, grinning cheese-ball.

The Potential may be moving across the state for a job in a couple months.

I’m trying to be supportive and I tell him what a great opportunity it is and that he should give it a chance if it is offered to him.

But down inside? Deep down? Under a rock? I’m screaming, “Don’t you dare leave me after you let me fall for your goofy ass!”

I’m being selfish, I know.

But I don’t care.

Dating sucks, yo.

I’m just sayin’.



1. DCPrincess - March 31, 2010

How far do you mean by ‘across the state’? 2 hours? 2 days?

Because, ya know, it’s totally workable if it’s worth it.

And yes, dating sucks. Which is why I’m never letting the Boy go. Just to avoid another first date.

jeneypeney - March 31, 2010

If he gets the job it’ll be about 5 hours away… which is totally manageable.

But I’m worried since we aren’t “official” that he’ll decide not to move forward with us if he does get it.

Grrr… *hate* this!

2. Just A Girl - March 31, 2010

Yuuuck. I hate having to be supportive awesome (girl)friend when you really, really don’t want to be. The good news is, driving from Fargo to Westby, MT (which is technically out of state, but looks close to the border and is also the farthest corner from Fargo) is only 8 hours. That’s not very much.

jeneypeney - March 31, 2010

Eight hours really isn’t that bad… especially since I find myself driving the twelve it takes to get to South Bend way too often.

But like I told PQ, I’m worried he won’t want to make anything more of “us” if he does move away. He’s younger, too, so he may use the whole “sow my oats” excuse. Which now that I think about it is super funny because he totally grew up on a farm.

At least I can find humor in all this!

3. gingermandy - March 31, 2010

well that sure is a turd in the punch bowl….

i’ve been overload on the schmoop lately too, i think spring is bringing along all sorts of new schmoopy experiences for all of us 🙂

jeneypeney - March 31, 2010

Haha! I guess we’re all twitterpated 😛

4. coorscowgirl21 - March 31, 2010

im happy your happy with your new boy or whatever you want to call it and if he makes you happy then try to hold on to him cause people can walk out of your life just as fast as they walked in ….sorry im a little bitter with my situtation as of late but happy for you cause ive been reading you for sometime and you totally deserve to be over the moon happy even if it is just a potential thing but sometimes those are even harder to get over than a break-up cause you know it could have been soooo great so just be careful and be happy…. i really do hope it all works out for ya

jeneypeney - March 31, 2010

That’s exactly what I’m worried about… regretting that I never really moved on this, ya know?

I guess if it is meant to be, then it will happen.

5. cari - March 31, 2010

but are you also being honest and saying what you REALLY think and feel? sometimes being supportive also means being honest. and yeah, maybe this move is best for him, but at least he knows how you feel. just sayin’.

jeneypeney - March 31, 2010

Oh, you.

Now you’ve got me feeling all brave and stuff.

And well done on the “just sayin'” at the end… 😉

6. Jenn - April 1, 2010

Ummm so confession: I’m right there with you with the boy making you all mushy thing. And it’s wonderful. Except that he lives halfway across the country. So you can totally make it work. YAY!

7. clairemontgomerymd - April 4, 2010

want a little advice from the old lady on the block? tell him EXACTLY how you feel. you don’t want to live with the ‘what ifs’ later. trust me. and good luck.

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