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Friday Fishbowl Playlists March 26, 2010

Posted by jeneypeney in fishbowl playlists, freakin' weekend, music, pop culture, shenanigans.

Anyone besides you lazy bastards that took the time to actually read my 100 Facts may remember my tendency to give my iPod playlists really stupid names that only I can identify.

Well, hookers, I have decided to share this gift with all of you. Whether you like it or not.

To help you gear up for the weekend, each Friday I will bring you a Mini-Playlist some ridiculous theme that is either already on my iPod, someone has requested, or has been pulled out of my ass.

This week is a “pulled out of my ass” kinda playlist.

So in honor of the fantastic weather everyone’s been getting (It’s supposed to break 50 degrees in Fargo! Yeeeaaah!*), here is:

The Fish Bowl’s Volume Up, Windows Down Playlist


Honestly, who doesn’t hear old school Kelly and immediately turns the volume to max? Yeah, I thought so.


This really applies to any Gaga song. Because she’s fabulously insane and her songs are deliciously amazing.


I dedicate this to GingerMandy. But seriously, you cannot tell me when they hit the “Oh”s you don’t raise your hands in the air and scream with him. (…that’s what she said?)


I know a lot of people hated this song, but I think it’s great to crank up. I mean – all the dirtyness of the original with a heavy bass line? Count me in.


Can you have a Volume Up playlist without a little Jovi? For those who felt ‘Living on a Prayer’ would have been better – you can shut your face. It’s my playlist.


*Sad that I’m excited for 50 degree weather? Why, yes. It is.


Did you think my list was crap? Thought I should have used a different theme? Have a list of your own? Go ahead and shoot me an e-mail at jeney [dot] anderson [at] gmail [dot] com.



1. DCPrincess - March 26, 2010

Kelly Clarkson = Major WIN.

Love your list and hope you enjoy the weather!!

2. zizouandbecks - March 26, 2010

Um, i have a mix cd my bff made me entitled ‘driving with the windows down and the system up’ because i always gave my cds such ridic names. Now I want to go find it and listen to it. Also, huzzah for warmth (well, relatively speaking).

3. vic - March 26, 2010

ahhhh…bon jovi….i listened to him when i was younger and his makes me wanna lick his face….happy weekend!:)

4. vic - March 26, 2010

music…his music

5. Vegetable Assassin - March 26, 2010

YES! Weather on the prairies is looking UP. Same up here. I’m so stoked.

I lost my stokedness when I saw Bon Jovi. Dude.

Do you know I used to get a lot of Kelly Clarkson’s phone calls? And my name isn’t even Kelly! It’s true!

6. cari - March 26, 2010

not sad. 50 degrees is WARM right now. yeah. anyone who thinks that’s pathetic can come visit in january. with no coat. hah!

7. coorscowgirl21 - March 30, 2010

love your playlist and for the record none of my playlists dont have at least on bon jovi song

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