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Sometimes you just get lucky… March 23, 2010

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On March 13, 2010 at 3:00pm, at St. Patrick’s Church in South Bend, Indiana, in front of 500 friends and family members* and aided by a wedding party of over 20 people**, my good friends Becky and Isaiah officially became husband and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Beckman

… and kicked off my marathon of weddings for the year.


The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I have to admit I was a complete wreck and I cried as Becky walked down the aisle. I just could believe she was finally going to be Becky Beckman***. The whole ordeal blew my mind.

The wedding was Irish themed and everything was green. They used stripped Jagermeister bottles as vases for centerpieces (clever, eh?), had FIVE different flavors of cake (inner fat kids rejoiced), the  carb fest known as a polish dinner served family style (more inner fat kid delight), and an open bar all night complete with green beer (getting a head start on technicolor vomiting? priceless).

It will be damn hard for the weddings that are following to compare to this one.

The Bride wore green shoes! 🙂

This wedding was also my second time seeing the work of Christin Berry, wedding photographer extraordinaire. She happens to be Becky’s sister and is a true believer that “wedding photography is THE most important part of your wedding. The images are the only lasting thing to show all of the hard planning and intimate details that you picked.

And in all honesty, who doesn’t want to hire a photographer that doesn’t only take her job seriously, but

truly appreciates everything that goes into the planning?

She photographs for Blue Martini Photography and they do a spectacular job at everything they do. They will travel (within reason) and if you are in need of a photographer for ANYTHING, seriously go check them out.

I could not be happier for Becky and Isaiah. I kind of always thought of them as a married couple… but they never once made me feel awkward or like the “token single friend” when I hung out with them.

Watching them on the most important day of their lives together was well worth the 20+ hours of driving it took to get there!

I love you both and send nothing but congratulations and best of wishes to you two!

… even though I gave Becky a sympathy card when you  got engaged.

The Happy Couple

* I know! HUGE! And she planned the whole thing PLUS a honeymoon in Mexico for under $14K!
** I don’t even think I have 20 friends I want to INVITE to my wedding.
*** It’s okay, don’t feel bad. I snorted a little, too.



1. bluemartiniphto - March 23, 2010

they also had 4 ushers, two flower girls, and a ring bearer….just saying 😉

jeneypeney - March 23, 2010

I know!! HUGE! 😛

2. Daffy - March 23, 2010

The photos are fantastic! The photos from my wedding are my favorite memory of the event….errr….ummm…in addition to you know, making it legal with the hubs and all….

jeneypeney - March 23, 2010

That’s more than I can say for some of my friends.

They don’t remember much of their wedding at all.


3. cari - March 23, 2010

that’s funny.

i would be embarrassed for sure if you showed up to my wedding. it would seem like stumbling into the den of a pauper, haha. oh wells. we po’.

i also hope that my photos are this cool. we’ll see. i’m not worried at all, though.

jeneypeney - March 23, 2010

Haha! You do NOT need to be embarrassed about that. I promise you half of my family will be showing up tuxedo t-shirts.

Actually, I’d consider myself lucky if they 60% of them have pants on.

4. Becky - March 24, 2010

Jeney- I just read this blog and I felt a little sad because I really miss you! Thank you for all of your kind words and making the trip to South Bend- I wish I could have talked to you more- but it REALLY meant so much to us that you were there!

WE Love YOU!

5. jeneypeney - March 25, 2010

Aw! Becky!! You’re gonna make me cry (again)!

I promise I’ll move closer to Indiana after I get my degree! 🙂

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