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2009? Not so fine… December 31, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in new years resolutions, the holidaze, the midwest.

When 2009 began, I have to say I figured it was going to be a good year. It was the year of the Ox (the Chinese sign I was born under), it was the beginning of my first full year of being a college grad, I had a job, and I was officially living on my own.

Well. It wasn’t a complete bust… but it wasn’t the worst year either.

My one year Blogiversary is actually coming up. When I introduced myself to the blogging world, I mentioned that starting this blog and keeping it going was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. Although I may never be nominated for a 20SB Bootlegger (go vote!!!) or have over a hundred followers, I’d say this resolution was achieved.

I also mentioned I wanted to get out of the Midwest… and although I did move, I just went to the northernmost part of the Midwest. So that’s a half fail.

I wanted to get back into competitive running… and I completed a 10K at a 9 minute/mile pace. I had signed up for a 5K, but it was thwarted by 20 degree weather and snow. I’d say that was accomplished.

What is in store for 2010?

Well, first of all I want to run (and finish without dying) a Half Marathon. Second, I want to blog and comment more often. It would also be nice if I could go the whole year without my bank account going into the red.

Happy New Year followers! Make it a good one!

PS – I forgot to mention Jenn yesterday in my 20SB Bootlegger shout out!! Go vote for her!



1. Ed Adams - December 31, 2009

Have a Happy & Safe New Years!

2. Ashley - December 31, 2009

As a fellow Ox kid and recent college grad, I expected a lot from 09. I think it was pretty good for me, but I'm hoping 2010 is even better! Happy New Year!

3. Amy - January 1, 2010

Good luck with your goals! I'd love to do a half-marathon without dying.

4. jenniferalaine - January 2, 2010

I was SO HURT by that! (Except not. At all. And I still love you lots.)Happy 2010!

5. jenniferalaine - February 25, 2010

I was SO HURT by that! (Except not. At all. And I still love you lots.)Happy 2010!

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