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All I Want for Christmas is… November 30, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in a little help from my friends, bad-ass-ness, i'm a moron, shenanigans.

… not you.

I kid, I kid! But really. If you show up at my front door without additional offerings I’m not letting you in.

And don’t give me that “well, you haven’t been all that good this year” bull shit. Santa and his lump of coal system can kiss my ass. I firmly believe that if that snotty little brat who almost broke my knee cap running around Wal Mart this weekend is getting Christmas, then damnit, so am I!

So what if I curse and lie? So what if I drink my face off every other weekend? So what if I’m a naughty girl? So what if that last remark has a secondary, more perverted meaning? I want presents! And this is what I want…

Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Edition Chuck Taylors

Personally, I think Chuck Taylors are the coolest effin shoes you can buy. I personally own four pairs (high top tri-pink, low top pink, low top black, and one low top pair with unicorns on the heal). Pink Floyd also happens to be one of my top three favorite bands of all time (check blog title… bonus points to the one who can name the song title.) Therefore, these shoes get me all antsy in my pantsy!

Pug Puppy!

Considering everyone I know out here in Fargo works for a baseball/softball team and there is a grand total of one half of a home game for either sport every season because of the absurd amount of snow we get I will be all alone from the months of February to April writing run-on sentences. I really need something to keep me company… I wanted to get a cat just because they are easier to take care of, but this puppy is just too adorable for me not to want him.

Pink Blackberry Curve

Check! Got this little baby yesterday! I just wanted to be one of the cool kids. I also wanted to be permanently hooked to the internet. And I like pink. This is the lamest explanation for a gift I will give.

Spring Awakening Show Tickets

So, I’m not normally a big musical kind of girl. Sure, I love listening to the soundtracks and watching the big-screen versions of them. But this one, I want to see on stage soooooo bad! One of my old roommates from college introduced me to the soundtrack and I absolutely fell in love. The show is on tour and will be in Minneapolis late January through February. Who wants to nerd it up with me?!

Clone High Season on DVD

If any of you remember this show you need to come find me now because I want to kiss you. This will forever and always be my favorite animated show. I used to have the entire one season the show ran on my laptop. Then, as the technological gods would have it, the laptop went kaput and all my files went AWOL. I could try to download them all again… but having the DVD would just prove how much of a fan I am.

That’s my list! What’s on yours?


On a side note… I am going to start up a secondary blog. I used to write a lot of short stories, poetry, drabbles, and the like when I thought I was going to grow up to be a writer and I feel like they deserve to be let out of their ruled notebook prisons. I need to come up with a name for it and so far all I’m got is either “Crazy Diamond” or “Nothing Rhymes with Orange”.

Do you guys have any suggestions?



1. the iNDefatigable mjenks - November 30, 2009

Do you like pie? Because I can show up at your door with pie.It's a long drive. The pie might not be hot.But it will be delicious.

2. Organic Meatbag - November 30, 2009

Why, that would be "Wish You Were Here" of course…the Floyd is one of my 2 or 3 top favorites too…and I hope you do get everything you want…go out there and grab that shit! Hehehehe…

3. Jeney Peney - November 30, 2009

@mjenks I would definitely consider letting you in with pie. Even if it was cold. It's the thought that counts.@meatball You, dear sir, rock my socks!

4. The Vegetable Assassin - November 30, 2009

I have this system where I decide on who might be a serial killer based upon whether they own Chucks or not. Yes equals not a serial killer. No equals, get the fuck out of here! I used to have several pairs in all colours but I'm down to one pair of red lowtops and a pair of brown EV Players (sort of hybrid Chuck and one star). It's all good.

5. Jeney Peney - November 30, 2009

@VA I like that system! I especially think people who don't even know what a Chuck Taylor is need to be put on some sort of watch list.

6. Jen Kucsak - November 30, 2009

AWESOME Chuck Taylors! And I still have yet to see Spring Awakening I hear it's awesome! I totally agree with your list, although I've never heard of Clone High but sounds interesting lols

7. Jeney Peney - November 30, 2009

@Jen Oh!! You need to go to YouTube immediately and watch an episode of Clone High. May I suggest 'Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand'. You will LOVE it!

8. jenniferalaine - December 1, 2009

I've seen spring awakening twice and I LOVE IT. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, by far. Saw it once on broadway and then once when they toured through chicago 🙂

9. Jeney Peney - December 1, 2009

@Jennifer I am SO FREAKING JEALOUS of you right now!

10. Helen - December 1, 2009

I loved Clone High!And thise shoes are awesome, you should get them!I have to figure out a wishlist soon, thanks for reminding me!

11. Jeney Peney - December 1, 2009

@Helen Wasn't it the best! I am so upset it only went for the one season!

12. the iNDefatigable mjenks - February 25, 2010

Do you like pie? Because I can show up at your door with pie.It's a long drive. The pie might not be hot.But it will be delicious.

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