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I’m Just WYRing – Ageism September 30, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in all growed up, being appropriate is overrated, empty threats, FML, i'm just sayin', life, piss and moan, would you rather.

Out of the whopping 4 people who voted on the last I’m Just Sayin’… seems like doing both a Would You Rather and I’m Just Sayin‘ is the favorite idea.

So now I need a new clever name for Wednesday posts. Anyone have something for me?


I know I am young and stupid. I know that although I am a 20-something, my physical appearance would sometimes suggest that I am still in high school. That is no excuse, however, for you old-timing bastards to treat me like I’m your kid.

On top of that, just because the woman whose place I took was a sweet old woman who let you walk all over her does not mean I will be the same. Don’t try to take advantage of me.

Just because I look like a student does give you permission to demand I give water to the volleyball team because they are sweating bullets while signing autographs. I am not an athletic trainer- I don’t even know where their damn water bottles are! If you had any tact, you would have asked me whether or not is was possible to get the girls some water. Hell, maybe you would suggest to the higher-ups that air conditioning be installed in the facility.

You would know this if you fucking worked in the athletic department!

I am not going to work from 8:00am – 8:00pm simply because your team is traveling tomorrow and you are having a break down. The team’s bags are packed and every single piece of equipment they own is clean. I have also watched the same highlights on SportsCenter at least 5 times each today… what more do you want me to do?

I am not a kid nor am I a sweet old woman. I am a jaded, pissed off twenty something.

I’m just sayin’.


Soooo…. lovely readers…. this brings me to my first WYR.

Considering the predicament above, would you rather:

a) Wear a diaper in public and be limited to screaming and crying when you want to communicate.


b) Become prematurely grey/bald and still have to wear a diaper in public and be limited to screaming and crying when you want to communicate.



1. Ed Adams - September 30, 2009

Assuming that the premature graying one actually got to lead a normal life at some point, I'm going with that one. But, if the other one is truly a baby, and will someday grow into a normal person, I'm taking that one. Either way, at some point, diapers are in the cards.As for the name….just let them know in the title somewhere….and thro it in with the other shit, like you did today…That's what I always do.And to the grumpy old pushy bitches…..You should totally punch them in the V next time.

2. Amy - September 30, 2009

Coming from someone who also looks like they are in high school… I can understand the frustration. Hmm… the first option doesn't include actually being a baby right? So the only difference is the gray hair? Either way I have to wear a diaper and cry and scream? I guess I'll take the one that doesn't involve bad hair.

3. Helen - October 1, 2009

I fast-tracked so I'm often younger than my students. I have to scare them for the first few weeks so I don't run into problems later!I hate the fact that people tend to take advantage of you if you're younger though – like they don't have 2 legs of their own?And I won't answer your question because I'm in denial about getting older!

4. LiLu - October 1, 2009

Wait. Should I not be wearing a diaper in public?

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