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Tattoos-day: Like Mother, Like Daughter September 29, 2009

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Note: I just now thought I should probably put a pain scale on these things…


Ink #5: Bonding with my Mama

Design: Blue shooting star with orange/yellow tail

Location: Right Foot

When: Summer before junior year of college

Pain Scale: Seven out of ten

Artist: Joey Drada


My mother and I got this one done by good ol’ Joey Drada at Prairie Tattoo. Mommy-daughter matching tattoos, yay!

This one is actually really simple to explain. As much as we butt heads and argue, my mom and I are really close. We tend to look to each other for direction in life; we think of the other as our own “North Star”. Hence the shooting stars.

We got the ink on our right feet so we could always help each other “put our best foot forward” even when the other isn’t there.

So whenever life gets tough, we look to our shooting starts to help us get through it.

That’s it — plain and simple. 🙂



1. Ink Obsession Designs - September 29, 2009

What a great reason behind the tattoo!

2. Ed Adams - September 29, 2009

Another cool Tat.

3. Heather - September 30, 2009

I love hearing these stories. They are so great!

4. Heather - February 25, 2010

I love hearing these stories. They are so great!

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