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Tattoos-Day; Believe August 25, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in i'm a moron, sexy time, tattoos-day.

Before I get started today, I need to do some shameless pimping… The Goddess we all know as Just a Girl has sort of nominated me to be one of JP’s Foxy Ladies this Friday. Sooo… to get a good sneak peek of myself in all my tattooed glory, you should come check it out.

(You should go read both their blogs before Friday, anyway. Because you’re just a waste of oxygen and bandwith if you’re not. Just a Girl is giving away goodies, too!!)

Ink #2; Believe in the Unbelievable

Design: Blue unicorn with the word “believe” underneath it

Location: Right shoulder

When: High School Graduation Present
Artist: Joey Drada

The Story:

This one was my high school graduation present. My favorite artist, Joey Drada, did this one for me. He and I have a very special bond… he’s done six of the eleven on me. He’s also done a few for my mom. He also works out of Prairie Tattoo with Mr. Max.

If you could swing your eyes over to the little “Lost Soul” section over to the right of this screen you will see that I am a self proclaimed unicorn enthusiast. I am not kidding about that. I actually have a very extensive collection of pewter, blown glass, and other unicorn paraphernalia. One of my all time favorite animated movies is The Last Unicorn. I am basically Kate from Dodgeball.

One very large reasons for this obsession is that according to unicorn folklore, the creatures do not regret. They’re just not programmed to do so. Considering they’re immortal, that is a long time and a lot of shit to go through without regretting any of it. What better way is there to live your life? “Believe” was added later to express the idea to “believe in the unbelievable.”



1. Just A Girl - August 25, 2009

I love that you have a reason for your tattoos. I hate when people are like "Oh I got it just cause." Ok, maybe hate is too strong – I just don't understand it really.Plus, UNICORNS!

2. Organic Meatbag - August 25, 2009

Awesome! Congratulations! I will be sure and check it out on Friday!

3. justjp - August 25, 2009

I am so excited about Friday!!!

4. JennyMac - August 25, 2009

believe in the unbelievable…LOVE it.

5. Blondiesblondemoments - August 26, 2009

I love tattoos. I can't wait for my second one. I like that you have a meaning behind everyone.

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