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You have GOT to be shitting me… August 15, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in being appropriate is overrated, shenanigans.

I’m not normally a fan of posts like this one, but I HAD to share this with someone. And I thought, who better than my bloggy friends? 🙂

I love StumbleUpon. I can spend countless hours Stumbling through the internet and discovering all the ridiculous, brilliant, absurd, and down right retarded things there are out there. I laugh. I cry. And sometimes, I cringe and want to gouge my eyes out.

Like with this particular website.

Okay. Seriously? I can’t even handle this. “Creepy” and “pathetic” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My personal favorite Bertram from Canada — “I got booted off Match.com for cyber stalking but I’m better now.”

Seriously? Seriously.

Tell me who your lucky lad would be…



1. Deva84 - August 16, 2009

OMG! I thought people like that exist only in some strange, old american movies… "one lady from London bought me but she didn't like me so I’m back!” hahaha!

2. the iNDefatigable mjenks - August 16, 2009

I like David from Perth, Australia, who is attracted to tall brunettes with small heads and NATURAL nails.I think the lack of front teeth is a bonus in his case.

3. Helen - August 17, 2009

I like MArcus with the wizard hat – how thoughtful that he'd warn us against drinking paint thinners!This was sent around in an email a couple of years ago, and two years on I still laugh uncontrollably whenever I see it!

4. Organic Meatbag - August 18, 2009

I totally want to make a movie script out of this… hehehe…

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