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Pwned. May 12, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in shenanigans.

The man firewalled social media sites today. (and Pandora! Who does that?!)

I have no idea if blogger is going to be added to the list or not. (shit will hit the fan, damnit!)

I feel like I just found out Santa doesn’t exist. (communist bastards.)

Stay tuned. (… because I have no idea when/if/how I’ll be able to post again.)



1. Amy - May 13, 2009

Oh man. Our nanny filter at work is ridiculous to the max. I was trying to visit American Apparel online on my MacBook one weekend…couldn’t access the site because of adult content. Yesterday we had to do a free image search for PICTURES OF A FISHING BOAT and realized one of the free stock image sites most commonly used by ad agencies was blocked. Literally…photos of boats and landscapes and cookies. Wow.

2. Blondie - May 14, 2009

you have to keep on blogging because we love ya! lol

3. Blondie - May 15, 2009

I gave you an award…check out my blog!

4. Danimal - May 15, 2009

i would rather die than work w/o pandora jamz in my face.

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