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I’m Just Sayin’ – Round-Up May 6, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in i'm just sayin', piss and moan, return to athleticism.

I really don’t have anything worthwhile for today’s I’m Just Sayin’. So I thought I would follow Just A Girl’s lead and do an ADD version of I’m Just… Oh, look! A squirrel!

– Never, under any circumstances, should one wear pocket-less jeans.

– Anyone who drives in the middle of a two-lane road should be shot in the foot so they can’t drive at all.

– Dogs that weigh less than 15 pounds are not real dogs.

– I don’t care what the critics thought; Wolverine was a pretty kick-ass movie. (Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Kitsch eye-candy may or may not have had a lot to do with that.)

– Columbia pictures really fucked up doing Angels and Demons and the DaVinci Code backwards.

– Whoever thought competitive running was a good idea obviously never ran a race in their life.

– I’m really starting to suck at I’m Just Sayin’ Wednesdays.

I’m just sayin’.

(Soooo… anyone interested in doing a guest I’m Just Sayin’?)



1. Just A Girl - May 6, 2009

Oh Christ, pocketless jeans are the *worst*. However, I have an 8lb dog who rocks the house. She’s rad.

2. Jeney - May 6, 2009

@ Just a Girl Well, of course your 8 lb dog rocks the house — she belongs to you! 🙂 I only say that because I grew up with boxers and the few small dogs that I have encoutered have been incredibly irritating.

3. Heather - May 7, 2009

I have a 14 lb. pug who is the best. He’s going to stay that way. I work at a vet’s office right now so I’ve seen what excess weight does to dogs, especially little ones :-(Okay, enough from me. I’m going to shut up now LOL

4. Blondie - May 7, 2009

I two small dogs and one larger dog and I have to say I love my small dogs but they are a pain in the ass sometimes. I have to agree with the pocketless jeans too.

5. Jeney - May 7, 2009

@Heather I think I should have been more specific when I said dogs under 15lbs — I feel like pugs, daschunds, etc. are real dogs. Fluffy little dogs and chihuahuas are not. 🙂 There was a 9 week old pug at an event I had this past weekend and she was ADORABLE!@Blondie I’ve never owned a small dog — but both of my neighbors have them and they bark all. The. Freaking. Time! Pocketless jeans are pretty much pointless.

6. Danimal - May 15, 2009

boxers are the best. look at my picture for example. i like your blog, you’re a talented writer and a fan of boxers!!!!! keep it up.

7. Danimal - February 25, 2010

boxers are the best. look at my picture for example. i like your blog, you're a talented writer and a fan of boxers!!!!! keep it up.

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