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Kitten in a Lion’s Den? March 26, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in life, shenanigans.

What?! Two posts in one day? Inconceivable!

Due to the fact that I have terrible friends who actually sleep and do not answer their cell phones when I desperately need to discuss life-altering events with them — I am posting it for your enjoyment.

So as I had said before, I am in Indianapolis this week. Do any of you sports nuts happen to know what is also in Indy this week? That’s right; the men’s basketball NCAA Tourney. Arizona happens to be staying in the same hotel I am staying in.

I decided, it being my last night here, that I would treat myself to a night in the hot tub. While soaking up copious amounts of harmful chemicals into my skin, a gentleman begins to talk with me from outside the pool area. (Let me clarify — the pool in actually inside a gated area indoors. The hot tub was right outside a walkway with only poorly painted metal bars separating me from the rest of the hotel.) Apparently this particular gentleman happens to be a coach for the team. An older, married coach for the team.

I don’t want to bore you with details (too late?), but eventually he catches a glimpse of one of my tattoos and begins flirting with me! My dear followers (who never comment — shame on you), he even went as far as to invite me to his room, which is in the gated “VIP” section of the hotel, to drink Captain Morgan with him. Oh wait! It gets better. He also offered to let me spend the night in his room if I needed to.

THIS MAN WANTED TO SLEEP WITH ME! I am the same age as half of his freakin’ team, people! I felt like a helpless twenty something boy being hunted by a cougar.

I don’t know whether to be flattered or to push the other bed in front of my door tonight.



1. jenniferalaine - March 30, 2009

Oh man… I don’t even know what I would do. I’ve had interesting encounters with older men. It’s kind of hard not to find it flattering, but the more I think about it the more I just feel nauseous.

2. Jeney - March 30, 2009

I know, right?! The creepiest part was he did this in front of 2 team members… I should have been flirting with them!

3. Jeney - February 25, 2010

I know, right?! The creepiest part was he did this in front of 2 team members… I should have been flirting with them!

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