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I’m Just Sayin’ Wednesday – Of High Heels and Hot Tech Nerds March 25, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in i'm just sayin', life, the midwest, workin girl.

I apologize for completely disregarding I’m Just Sayin’ last week. Apparently I am not a very good Superhero… or multi-tasker.

However, in my absence, my spectacular soon-to-be roommate has stolen my idea started his own weekly blog over at Vic Eastwood’s Rants, Raves, and Musings on Life. Go check out I’m Just Wonderin’ Thursdays.


So I have been down in Indianapolis all this week for a little thing called the Hoosier Hospitality Conference. And despite my anxiety over all that I have been missing in the office, surprisingly enough, I am loving it. I figured the whole thing was going to consist of me sitting in on seminars and talks with old, monotone business men and women ranting about the state of our economy. Not the case at all!

My week has consisted of awesome seminars about integrating technology into marketing hosted by super hot techies and panels about green business practices. The only weird side of this whole thing is that I am definitely the youngest person at the conference. Which I suppose is actually a flattering thing…

Anywho… I have been walking around and touring downtown Indy all week and I am beginning to remember my ambition to be a powerful, successful, stiletto wielding business woman in a big city. I absolutely LOVE how I feel prowling down the street amoung all the tall buildings and my CrackBerry addicted cohorts. That is where I belong.

I need to get out of South Bend. I need to move to Indianapolis, Chicago, New York… etc. Those cities are where I belong. (And Hot Techie’s bed would be nice while I’m at it…)

I am destined to be a strong, little woman in a powerful, big city.

I’m just sayin’.



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