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Adventures in Pet-Sitting March 12, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in shenanigans.

You know those people that could care less about the people dying in the tragic movie but get all blubbery when the dog kicks it? That’s me.

I absolutely love animals. In my life I have had approximately a thousand fish, six dogs, four lizards, two parakeets, and a snake. This affinity for the fauna of our great planet has given many a friend, family, and co-worker to recruit me in the task of pet-sitting; which is what I spent all of last week doing for two cats and a dog with the strongest personalities I have ever witnessed.

Kitty was the introvert of the group. Apparently Seamus and Gracie pick on her a lot, so she will “take up residence” in a one spot for a week at a time. This is so the other two can’t find her. The week before I showed up it was the cable box. After I moved in she decided to take out a lease on my laptop…

… this ended promptly when her rolling around resulting in the opening of random programs and deleting my iTunes playlists. Seamus, I believe, is really named “Shameless”. The Irish forename is a cover up. This cat had absolutely no problem jumping onto the bed while I was asleep, crawling under the covers, and pawing at my hand so I would pet him. Also, you know when cats paw at something to get it comfortable before they lay down? Almost like kneading dough? Yea, Shameless liked to do that on my stomach and rear-end a lot. Nothing motivates you to get to the gym like a brutally honest feline. Gracie… oh Gracie. This dog stole my heart. She was the sweetest and craziest dog I have ever seen. Her big thing was chasing the laser-pointer…

That would seriously keep her busy for HOURS. I would sit down to read and just absentmindedly wave the laser around and she would chase it around the house without stopping. In fact, she would stare at me with that “What the hell?” look on her face when I stopped.

Gracie also goes to camp. Yes, I did say camp. Everyday I would drop Gracie off at Linda’s Camp K9 where she would play with other dogs and participate in fun activities like mud-pie making and finger painting. Some dogs would even have their birthday parties at camp complete with goodie-bags and cake for all! It is the most amazing/ridiculous/genius thing I have ever seen.

It was a fun week – and a hard goodbye. But I will definitely be back to see my new friends soon.

Kitty is probably wondering why she was evicted…



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