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I’m Just Sayin’ Wednesday Thursday — Babies Having Babies February 26, 2009

Posted by jeneypeney in i'm just sayin', life.

So apparently people do read this blog and were legitimately upset that I did not post yesterday. Shocking! I was actually ill yesterday and unable to post I’m Just Sayin. I’m doing it today. Be happy.


I read this article about a thirteen year old boy and fifteen year old girl having a baby last Tuesday. There are several things about this article that get me going… but I’m not even going to venture down that road right now.

I have been formulating this I’m Just Sayin post all week to make sure I say exactly what I want to say exactly the way I want to say it. Here goes…

I am completely against abstinence only sex education. The whole, “Don’t have sex because you will get Chlamydia and die” thing does not work. It just doesn’t.

This belief of mine goes beyond the theory of “telling kids not to do something means they’ll be more inclined to do it.” Kids are going to have sex regardless of what cockamamie stories you tell them. They see sex everywhere: TV, music, movies, books, older siblings, friends, parents, advertisements, toys… everywhere. Face it, if two kids get curious and want to try the whole crazy sex thing they’re going to do it. As responsible siblings/parents/role models/adults, we should at least teach them what it’s all about.

Not explaining the possible repercussions of sex is almost a more extreme version of giving your 13-year-old kid keys to the car and telling them not to drive it while you’re out of town. Come on, guy! You know they’re probably going take Christine out for a drive around the block. Twice. So when you come home and your Beamer is wrapped around your mailbox, don’t come crying to me about it.

Kids need to know about protection, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, infections, pregnancy, and everything else that goes with having sex (oral, vaginal, anal, whatever.) If all you are doing is instructing kids to abstain from the act because of religious, societal, or personal beliefs, you’re not protecting them against anything. You’re just giving them another rule to break.

Don’t just give children rules about sex; give them knowledge about everything that goes with it. Babies having babies really is not the new trend.

I’m just sayin’.



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